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Give me people of prayer and they can do anything! Those words of Vincent de Paul reinforce us in our belief in the power of prayer. For faith filled men and women, everything can be changed through the power of prayer. That is so because prayer is a direct communication with God, our Father. Through prayer people can obtain God’s mercy. With this in mind, I pose the following questions: what is the state of your present relationship with God? Do you take time to dialogue with God?

We live in the midst of a society that always seems to be on the move. We are always in a hurry to get things done. We have many commitments: work, school, home, etc. At times we want to do so many different things but there never seems to be enough time. With so much constant movement we often forget to set aside some time for prayer … and often when we do pray, it is brief and superficial. At times we simply repeat words but are not aware of the meaning of those words … we pray in order to say we have prayed.

Such “meaningless” and “cold” prayers distance us from God and yet we blame God because things have not turned out as we had planned. In reality we ought to be in a state of constant prayer, a state in which we give thanks to God for everything that God has enabled us to be. We also ask forgiveness for our sins and hope to find the mercy of God who never ceases to forgive us. Through prayer we can recognize ourselves as sinners.

How then can we pray in a meaningful manner? First, we must set aside some specific time to pray (for example, ten minutes). God has gifted us with twenty-four hours … we need to set aside some time for God. Then we must decide where are we going to pray, what will be the best place to speak with our God in silence, to listen to God speak to us. We should have no fear in speaking openly and honestly with God. God will always listen to us.

André Peixoto
Portuguese Speaking Volunteer

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