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In order to take on a role within the Vincentian Marian Youth Association, individuals need to commit themselves to managing the affairs of the Association in an effective, transparent, ethical and responsible manner. In that way we are able to guarantee the fulfillment of the objectives of VMY.

According to Peter Drucker, an important Austrian writer, the work of the administrator can be defined as planning, organizing, adjusting, evaluating and training people. Let us question ourselves about this matter when we accept a certain role within our Association. When speaking about ecclesial associations, Canon Law states the following: [1] unless otherwise provided, a lawfully established public association administers the goods it possesses, in accordance with its statutes and must render a yearly account to this authority; [2] the association must also faithfully account to the same authority for the disbursement of contributions and alms which it has collected (Canon 319).

For us, Jesus Christ is a great point of reference. Throughout his life, Jesus was able to foresee the resources that were needed in order to carry out the saving plan of the Father on behalf of the common good. Saint Vincent de Paul also provided us with his example: he is the great organizer of charity and was very dedicated in all his actions. Pope John Paul II stated that Vincent de Paul was a man of action and prayer, a creative organizer and leader. He was a humble man, a man of yesterday and today … therefore, be very careful in administering the goods of the poor.

In this sense, as members of the International VMY, we accept the specific commitments that were established in the Final Document that was elaborated during our 2015 General Assembly. We will attempt to operate with firm, clear, organized, transparent and ethical principles especially when dealing with the financial matters of our Association. The following are the commitments that we made in 2015: [5.1]We will encourage work and ministry that is done in the form of projects which in turn makes our service on behalf of the poor more effective; [5.2] We will encourage twinning which fosters mutual enrichment, fraternal relations and solidarity as experiences and material goods are exchanged; [5.3] We will promote transparency in our financial transactions so that we can give witness to ministry for the common good and a sense of co-responsibility.

I want to invite each of the members of the local, regional provincial and national councils to deepen their understanding of the document Seamos Solidarios (Let us enter into solidarity with one another). This book is available and can be bought through the International Secretariat. With the light that we find in the Final Document of our Assembly, let us also develop our work through the planning of our various projects.

Rafael Cruz
Councilor for the Americas

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