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January 31, 2017
Madrid, Spain

Dear Friends and Members of the VMY:

Let us give life to the Vincentian Charism!

You will notice that we have placed an exclamation point (!) at the end of the phrase for our theme this year of 2017. Doing so expresses the fact that we are aware of the heritage that we have received from Saint Vincent de Paul and therefore all our actions ought to enhance the dignity of those persons living in a situation of poverty. It should also be noted that we convert our theme into a question: Are we giving life to the Vincentian Charism? As such, we are invited to reflect on our Vincentian identity and the manner in which we are making the charism a reality in the midst of the world. Do we see Christ in the poor? Is our service focused on those persons who are suffering? Do we welcome the stranger in our midst?

In light of this theme, the members of the International Council met in Madrid (January 14-17, 2017) to evaluate and plan the activities that we hope to accomplish during this celebration of the 400th anniversary of the birth of the Vincentian charism. With this celebration, our Vincentian Family and we, as members of the VMY, have much work to do because on various levels we are called to share our faith and our charism (see attached Plan of Activities).

As members of the International Vincentian Family we will gather together during the month of October for a Vincentian Symposium in Rome with the presence of Pope Francis. This symposium will provide us with an opportunity to reflect on our future and the manner in which we give life to the Vincentian Charism. We, as young men and women, have a significant role to play in this event because the future of the Vincentian Family is in our hands. In the very near future, we will provide you with more information about how you can participate and be a voice for Vincentian in the present and in the future.

During our journey of faith we have opened our hearts to God’s mercy and now we celebrate the legacy of Vincent de Paul and affirm that let us give life to the Vincentian Charism!. All of this enables us to say with Mary: Here we are Lord, may it be done to us according to your word.

Happy 400th anniversary to the charism of this family where we belong.

To Jesus with Mary,

Yancarlos de Jesús Carrasco de los Santos
International President of the VMY


Annual Letter of the VMY International President

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Plan of Activities 2017

In light of the 400th anniversary of the birth of the Vincentian charism, we unite ourselves to this great celebration and we invite our members to give life to the Vincentian charism which we share in as members of the Vincentian Family.

In the following pages we will highlight the international, national and regional activities that we are proposing to our members. We are mindful of the various celebrations planed for the Jubilee Year as well as our own Five Year Plan 2015-2020 (a plan that is based on the Final Document of the 2015 General Assembly.


Logo:logo 2017

Theme: Let us give life to the Vincentian Charism!

We propose, support and call all our members to participate in the distinct international encounters and activities.

• Encounter of Advisors from Central America and the Caribbean

Description: This is the second formation encounter that seeks to form and to strengthen the lay advisors of the VMY so that they can accompany the members and provide a dynamic to the life of the Association.
Where: Nicaragua
When: January 11-13, 2017
Participants: VMY Lay advisors in Latin America and the Caribbean
Theme: The Lay Advisors in the VMY
Final Document GA 2015: 2- "Formation"

• Encounter of the Slavic Nations in Eastern Europe

Description: A formatvel and experiential encounter of the members of the Slavic nations in Eastern Europe. The purpose of this encounter is to strengthen the faith and the Christian roots of the members through means of a common bond, namely, our Vincentian charism.
Where: Transcarpatia, Ukraine
When: April 28-May 2, 2017
Participants: Delegations of the JMY from the Slavic nations in Eastern Europe
Theme: The Vincentian grace in the Slavic countries
Final Document GA 2015: 4- "Vincentian Collaboration"

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• VIII Latin American Missionary Encounter

Description: The eighth missionary encounter for the members (and others invited) from Latin America. This encounter is composed of a week of formation followed by of week of participating in a mission in some area of Guatemala.
Where: Guatemala
When: Formation: July 15-22, 2017, Mission: July 23-31, 2017
Participants: Members of the VMY in Latin America and other invited participants
Theme: You and I are one, We evangelize from Charity
Final Document GA 2015: 1- "Spiritual Life", 2- "Formation", 3- "Apostolate and Evangelization", 4- "Vincentian Collaboration"

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• Symposium for the Vincentian Family

Description: A gathering of all the branches of the Vincentian Family who seek to respond to the question: What is the future of our Vincentian Family? This symposium includes the participation of Pope Francis.
Where: Vatican City, Italy
When: October 13-15, 2017
Participants: Members of the Vincentian Family throughout the world
Final Document GA 2015: 4- "Vincentian Collaboration"

logo 400 ES 03

• International film festival on the life of Vincent de Paul

Description: As part of our celebration of the 400th anniversary of the birth of the Vincentian charism, the VMY will promote the participation of its members in this international film festival that revolves around the life of Vincent de Paul.
Final Document GA 2015: 4- "Vincentian Collaboration"

• Collection of videos/experiences of the Vincentian Charism in the VMY

Description: The VMY International Secretariat will gather brief videos related to how the Vincentian charism is being lived out in the countries where the VMY is present. This videos will then be published through the various social media.
Final Document GA 2015: 3- "Apostolate and Evangelization", 4- "Vincentian Collaboration"

• Focus on the Marian and Vincentian feasts

Description: Though the social media, the VMY International will place emphasis on the various Marian and Vincentian feastsin order to deepen our historical understanding and sense of belonging to the Association
Final Document GA 2015: 1- "Spiritual Life", 4- "Vincentian Collaboration"

• Sense of belonging/vitality of the Association

Description: the International VMY will propose a financial plan to its members for the purpose of fulfilling the financial objectives of the Association and for the purpose of guaranteeing the vitality and a sense of belonging for all the members.
Final Document GA 2015: 5- "Financial Matters: We are guardians, not owners"


The International VMY proposes that the National Councils together with all the members plan the following activities:

 To participate actively in the celebrations that inaugurate the Jubilee Year which we commemorate the 400th anniversary of the birth of the Vincentian charism;
 To plan, on a national or a local level, activities that give new life to the Vincentian charism; through actions with other branches of the Vincentian Family. In other words, celebrate the charism through action, for example, missions, specific forms of evangelization/apostolate, moving out to the peripheries of our surroundings [thus giving meaning to the theme of the 400th anniversary: I was a stranger and you welcomed me (Matthew 25)];
 To include the development of the Vincentian charism among the formation themes;
 To encourage formation and ministry with the members of the other branches of the Vincentian Family;
 To plan some preparation sessions for those participating in the October 2017 Vincentian Family Symposium;
 To celebrate the charism through concrete actions, missions, apostolate work and evangelization.
 To highlight the celebration of the birth of our Association (July 18th), Vincentian Marian feasts (November 27th) and other Vincentian feasts.

The International Council of the VMY
January 2017


Plan of Activities 2017

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