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Making Vincentian Marian history in Croatia since 2011

VMY - Croatia has 142 members in 4 groups (Rijeka, Kistanje, Split, Zadar), 47 of whom have made their Marian Consecration and are thus now fully fledged members. VMY from Croatia has also spread to neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina. The seat of VMY - Croatia is in Rijeka.

VMY - Croatia has from the very beginning been closely linked with the Congregation of Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul - Zagreb, and the groups are regularly advised and supported by the sisters. Also, the groups are also advised by Croatian members of the Con-gregation of the Mission (Fr. Dario Grbac, CM).

The president of VMY Croatia is Petra Štokić, a member of VMY – Rijeka. Other members are Josipa Dujmović (vice-president, a member of the VMY – Split), Irena Ćibarić (secretary, a member of VMY – Zadar) and Ante Glasnović (treasurer, a member of VMY – Kistanje). The national sister adviSr. is Sr. Blaženka Delonga, SC. The following are the information of the different groups of VMY- Croatia:

Group Number of members

Number of

Consecrated members

President Sister AdviSr.
VMY Rijeka 20 6 Jelena Beno Sr. Veronika Popić, SC.
VMY Kistanje 87 41 Kistanje is Marija A. Ćibarić Sr. Blaženka Delonga, SC.
VMY Split 25   Josipa Dujmović Sr. M. Elizabeta Glasnović, SC.
VMY Zadar 10   Irena Ćibarić Sr. Karla Njegrić, SC.



VMY - Rijeka was founded in November 2011 in Rijeka, Croatia, following the initiative of Sr. Veronika Popić, SC, and the help and support of VMY - Slov enia (Karmen Kunc).

The group started to develop its identity and apostolate. The first missionary experiences were: helping the poor families in Lika (Croatia) and spending one month in Bulgaria serving the poor along with the Sisters of Charity. One member became a candidate in the Congrega-tion of the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul - Zagreb.

In November 2013, the president of VMY - Rijeka Petra Štokić and Sr. Veronika Popić, SC, took part in the Third European meeting of VMY in Naples where the Croatian VMY group was presented.

The group spread further by working with the nearby places where Sisters who work with the young. Members had their first opportunity to present the Vincentian and Marian spirit and activities of the group in the media (Catholic radio stations and newspapers or magazines). Also, it took an active part in a number of activities related to voluntary work (on the local and national level). Some basic ways of group self-financing were established (creative workshops, fundraising).

In September 2014, a Marian Consecration was held for the first time in VMY Croatia. Four members became fully fledged members in VMY Rijeka. In the same group, two members became candidates in the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul - Zagreb.

In 2014 two new VMY groups were founded (in Kistanje and Split). Also, the VMY became a member of the National Council of the Vincentian Family - Croatia.

In 2015 a new VMY group was founded (in Zadar). In the same year, VMY Croatia sent its National Statutes to the Secretariat in Madrid and has been waiting for its approval. Two members (Petra Štokić and Jelena Beno) also took part in the IV General Assembly of VMY held in Salamanca (Spain) from 23 to 28 July 2015.

The first National Assembly of VMY - Croatia took place on 14 November 2015 in Rijeka. The members of local VMY councils, from the four VMY groups situated in Rijeka, Kistanje, Split and Zadar elected the first National Council.

In November 2015, two members of VMY - Rijeka made their Marian Consecration in Rijeka. In the same group two members got married to each other.

In January 2016 VMY - Croatia took part in the First National Meeting of Vincentian Family - Croatia held in Lužnica. In March of the same year, the first meeting of the National Coun-cil was held in Split. In Kistanje, 41 members of VMY Kistanje made their Marian Consecration. (The second meeting of the National Council will be held in October 2016 in Zagreb.)


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