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24th September,
20th Anniversary of foundation of VMY Zllakuqan

"All of us today praise God because He created us in such a wonderful way, marvelous are His works. We praise the Son because He has taught us to love with the perfect love and the Holy Spirit that leads us towards this love"- VMY Albania-Kosovo

20 years ago, in Zllakuqan was founded the first group of Vincentian Marian Youth in our region, and the leader of that time was sister Zoje Perlaska in collaboration with the priest named Lush Sopi. In the morning of the 24th of September the National VMY gathered to praise and thank God for the 20 years of existence of the group in Zllakuqan. All together,everyone praised God for His good works, for the easy and difficult moments, for the people who inherited this gift from generation to generation, and for the sisters who worked in order to keep this light turned on in our hearts. The big day that the Lord gave became greater with the presence of each guest. There were 9 local groups present with the National VMY, the Daughters of Charity, the Priests and the members of the parish. The members of VMY Zllakuqan also prepared breakfast for all the guests.

This celebration started with greetings from the chairwoman of the group Hana Shalaj, the vicar don. Isak Dodes and then continued with the lecture from don. Anton Ukaj, who explained simply the document from Pope Francis 'Be thou praised'. During his lecture, among other expressions he said 'the Pope wants to raise awareness by calling the nature 'our home'. Each of us in their homes do not try to destroy the material things, so why should we destroy the nature when it is also our home? After the lecture, there were questions raised and there was discussion where the interest of the youngers was very noticeable.

After the lecture, everyone gathered in the Eucharistic table that was leaded by don Isak Dodes, who
thanked the youngsters offer their time and their capabilities to the church and to its needs. The world needs to see youngsters not only with the words to prove Christ, but youngsters who are Christs. VMY of Zllakuqan in collaboration with “Stars of Mary” prepared the ceremony of holy presents' delivery to the ordination. The children really looked like angels. Also the Chorus of the church pleased the ears and the hearts of everyone by singing glory to our Lord.

After the holy Mass everyone gathered around the brotherly table. The members of VMY Zllakuqan had made sure to gather enough food for everyone. The Lord blessed their work and everyone was happy.

What gave more elegance to this day was the festive program prepared in a simple but beautiful way from the VMY Zllakuqan group. The program started with the testimonial of a member who was one of the first members 20 years ago.

The second point of the program was the history of VMY Zllakuqan from 1996 to 2016. The main subject was the Divine Mercy, the Gospel of Saint Vincent and the commandments of Love. The members in total had 16 ribbons which meant the 16 services that the group had done and continues to do today as well.

In the third point everyone was honored to have the word of the Coordinator of the National VMY , sister Lindita Thaqi, who shared with us the joy, gratitude, love and respect for everyone. Her words that touched the hearts of each member of the group, words that stemmed from her heart when she congratulated VMY Zllakuqan for their formation, work, generosity and readiness that showed that day, and she wished them to always continue moving because the world needes a lot of love.

In the 4th point of the meeting the group called “Stars of Mary” prepared a choreography for the Saint Mother Teresa, as a sign of the God's love for the church, an evangelizer to the poor, a mother that the whole world praises for her good works. The whole coreography was prepared in a very nice way and the children looked so divine. 'The children are never enough, the children are the life of God'.

The festive program was made even nicer by the traditional dances prepared by the girls of the VMY of Zllakuqan. VMY from Gramsh also participated with a traditional dance from their region.

In the last point of the meeting VMY Zllakuqan prepared another choreography called 'ANTIVALUES'. It was prepared in the form of a pantomime, it was a kind of art. All the bad things that surround the world and tempt the people, but in the end the LOVE is a virtue that is irresistible to every ANTIVALUE.

After the festive program the youngsters had the chance to entertain together, and at 16:00 all the groups were distributed.

Mary, the mother of the church, you are the most perfect model of the hearing, teach us and lead us, so that we always implement your wish: DO EVERYTHING HE TELLS YOU!


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