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1st Semester

JMV Syria Starts Living, Contemplating and doing Service since 1999 till 2010 there was an unforgettable period of growth and living the Christian life on the way of Virgin Marie as we’ve been told through St. Catherine Laboure and the service is the core of our existence.

As the Syrian crisis has started on 2011 most of our activities being affected negatively, weekly meetings, camping and journeys.

Last year (2014/2015) our activities start growing all over again since most of them were canceled regarding the unsecure circumstances by the support of Father Khalil and Sister Monique.

For the year 2015/2016 a new plan and adventure has been set by the Syrian JMV committee based on a famous quoting by St. Vicent De Paul “The Good Work Grow Quietly” as it is the theme of this year. Kindly find below the activities that have been done during the first semester:

• Group of JMV members (19 years old & 17 years old) do the Promises of Virgin Marry through St. Catherine Laboure during the Messe De la Medaille
• Atelier for Christmas
• Christmas Party since we were not doing any starting the crises (above 20 years old)
• Christmas recital done by children ( 6 to 12years old)
• visit schools to introduce JMV actives and message
• Service Project: distribute clothes for homeless children
In the following points you may find our plan for the next semester:
• An open day for children with Cancer Support Association will be on 26-March-2016
• Planning for contemplation on 24-March-2016 “secret night” (last year pictures)
• Planning for camping in summer as we used to do this in the past
And of course as “Ouvrons notre cœur à la Miséricorde!” is the international theme will be the ongoing plan during this year.
Knowing that renewing our activities with St. Vicnet and St. Catherine spirit, by doing all the previously mentioned activities helps us to increase our members since there was a drop in JMV membership.

During the Syrian crises the membership harmed to be as follow:
• 4 or 5 members in the group of 6 to 12 years old, now we have 25 members.
• 2 or 3 members in the group of 13 to 15 years old to be now 20 members
• 20 active members in the group of 16 to 18 years old

Recently we face shortage with the youth membership (above 20 years old); since the majority are planning to travel abroad either by scholarships or by christen immigration.

Accordingly the service group in JMV Syria is a little bit not functioning as well as it was before;

While all the needed now is the social responsibility to our beloved Syria by the young people; even though we are working hard to keep up the service part functioning as much as we can.

All of the hard work and the hard times we are going through will pass by, with the team spirit, belonging, JMV commitment, enthusiasm, continues giving and of course the love to our country will always help us to stand up and work hard.

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