Actions to Implement the Commitments of the Final Document (2015)



(Initiatives of the International Council in collaboration with the National Councils)


(Suggestions adapted and carried out by the National Councils)

Spiritual Life

"Recover a Contemplative Spirit"

EG 264; DF 1

Publication of the reflections on Mariolgy.

Publication of the Marian Consecration

Promotion of the books: Praying the Psalms and Praying with Vincent de Paul

Promote the Papal Encyclicals

Encourage collaboration during Marian feast days.

Deepen the contemplative spirit of the members of the VMY which leads the young men and women to a search for holiness.

Open channels for effective spiritual accompaniment.


"Engender Jesús in others"

DF 2

Complete and promote the documento n lay advisors in the VMY.

Establish channels to share formation initiatives.

Implement online formation.

Plan a meeting to strengthen the ministry of the advisors.

Strengthen Vincentian Leadership

Follow through on the Final Document of the 2015 General Assembly

Develop formation processes that take into consideration the spiritual life of the members.

Provide incentives for Vincentian leadership

Evaluate the study of the reflection on Mariology.

Plan formation sessions for advisors

Develop, revise and carry out a formation process.

Apostolate and  Evangelization

"Evangelizar a través de nuestro Carisma"

DF 3

Promote the phamphlet “Le tus live in Solidarity”

Promote the experience of “twinning” among countries.

Promote “going out to the peripheries” … we are an Association of young people who reach out to others.

Promote experiences of shated mission.

Project the profile of volunteers at the Secretariat as one of being involved in an international mission.

To go forth from our own confort zone in order to reach all the peripheries in need of the light of the góspel (EG #20)

Involvement in direct serivce on behalf of the less fortunate members of society … popular missions, etc.

Participate in shared activities with the other branches of the Vincentian Family.

Vincentian Collaboration

"Give life and continuity to this 400 year old charism"

DF 4

Active collaboration in the various activities of the Vincentian Family

Promote transition into other groups of the Vincentan Family

Make members sensitive to the fact that they are members of the larger Vincentian Family

Follow up on the actions of the Vincentian Family in which the VMY is present (Haiti Initiative, Systemic Change Commission,, VFCAP)

Celebrate with action the Vincentian charism

Promote and create alliances with the other branches of the Vincentian Family …who they are; what they do; etc.

Create common ground for collaboration with the other branches, for example in formation sessions on spirituality and the Vincentian charism.

Financial Matters

“We are guardians not owners”

DF 5

Encourage work in the form of projects and that promote the dignity of those who are poor.

Present conrete plans for self-financing (for the countries and the Association on an international level)

Require collaboration from the countries who are members of the Association but who did not contribute to the self-financing campaign.

Promote the articles that are for sale in the on-line store of the Secretariat

Sensitize people to a sense of belonging through collaboration.

Establish relationships with adult members who are able to collaborate with the Association

Encourage on the local level fundriasing activities for the international association.

Promote transparency in financial matters.

Lifestyle and other matters

Develop the theme “Ecclesial Coherency”.

Promote communication and collaboration among the countries.

Revise the International Statutes

Make known those norms that we, as an eclesial association, ought to follow.

Participation in eclesial missionary movements.

Promotion of a góspel culture

Promote the Reading and the follow up on the documents publsihed by the International Council.


Vincentian Youth Gathering

World Youth Day


Year International Level National/Local Level

Vincentian Youth Gathering

World Youth Day


Latin American Missionary Encounter (EMLA)


 Middle East Encounter


V International General Assembly




*These are the planned activities and we have to admit that things can change as time passes and other activities might be included at a later date.